Blue Dot Cab Company is a family operated transportation organization dedicated fully to providing prompt, courteous, safe transportation to residents of Western Kentucky who lack the ability to transport themselves to and from their medical appointments. Blue Dot was originated by partners Paul Lloyd and Jinger DeMent-Lloyd in company with family members, Lucas and Erika Lloyd, John Woodring and Henry DeMent. Blue Dot rapidly expanded by welcoming friends from around the community to help drive the vision forward.

At its core, Blue Dot’s mission is simple: to safely and quickly transport patients to and from their necessary medical appointments when they otherwise may not have made it. We take this responsibility seriously and strive to perform this service very well. We use only late model vehicles, wheelchair vans, Grand Caravans and energy efficient Toyota Priuses that undergo constant maintenance and inspection. Our professional drivers are carefully screened and well trained. They are friendly and service oriented individuals who are interested in helping others. They will always be friendly and prepared to answer questions. We welcome the opportunity to serve our community and the communities around us with courteous, professional transportation.