Taxi, Delivery & Courier Services 24/7

Be it daylight or midnight, Blue Dot Cab Company delivers exceptional taxi, delivery and courier services to Kentucky residents around-the-clock. Whether you need a cab at 4:00 AM to take you to the airport, a ride to get you and your friends downtown, or a ride for a wedding/event, we can help. Call us today!

Evansville After Hours Taxi Service

If you need a late night taxi service to move the party from Madisonville to Evansville, our passionate drivers can help! Evansville offers your choice of nightclubs, a casino, sports bars, restaurants, theaters and concert venues, for night owls in Kentucky. Visit for a complete list of happenings.

Blue Dot Express Delivery

Why overnight your package when you can get it there the same day, or night? Blue Dot’s Express Delivery service can help keep your assembly line, project or business up and running 24/7. Whether you need help delivering packages for your business, picking up groceries for the house or delivering important documents, our professional drivers are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our delivery services or give us a call!

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

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Paratransit Transportation

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